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Beyond Growing Boxes: The Real Reason Why We Have Set Up Growot

From outside it might look like we are just building a box where you can grow stuff.

But in reality what drive us is the vision of future and the impact the technology we are developing can have on our lives.

Our food travels on average 2000km before it will get to the final consumer. The prices increase, the freshness decrease, and  the environmental impact is magnified. Not even mentioning health risk carried with chemicals and pesticides.

But what is more sad is how far away we fell from knowing where our food comes from.

Movements like urban farming are driving a revolution of turning our outdoors into edible spaces, governments are introducing gardening education at schools and thinkers from all around the world are working on solutions to grow more food locally and inspire and empower people to do just that.

But these movements are also a way for people to reclaim their connections to nature, to the act of eating, and to each other through the act of growing food, all without leaving the city and within their current urban context. These movements are there to bring us closer to nature, to make us happier, healthier and more centered.

Growing your own? Still impossible

Nevertheless for most of us growing your own vegetables or even plants it`s still impossible.  It requires time, knowledge and space and most of us have none of these. Oh and the right environment!

What if with current technology we could  address that complexity and make growing your own fun, easy, ba! stylish!  If growing your own tomatoes would be as easy as playing on your phone, Would you?

We believe that even if the small percentage of food production can be shifted towards hyper local home production that can significantly impact our environment, our health, our well being.

Would that solve a food problem? Not even close,  but if done well it could be a first and very important step towards what the future could bring. Wouldn’t we rather grow outside in the sun? Absolutely, but in NYC not only is there not much light half the year, but it’s also cold during that time.

Environmental impact is one thing, but we believe that empowering people through technology  has the power to educate, to inspire and make food personal again. To create joy and fun around growing and change the way we think about food.

Together with many incredible organisations with the same vision we want to be a reason why people will start looking at the food differently, will start  growing their own food, eating healthier, connect with nature and contribute to building a sustainable society.

How we will do it?

Our mission is to make growing fun and easy and make it fit seamlessly with your lifestyle. We take advance hydroponic and climate control technology , beautiful design and easy and fun user interface to create Growot – the first fully connected and fully automated growing planter No matter how small is the space you live in, how little knowledge you have about gardening and how much time you have. Now you are able able to produce your own beautiful, healthy, super tasty food right in your living room.

Yes, in the future, we will use the technology to build our walls into mini greenhouses, your shelves into shelves with strawberries and your tables will be growing lettuce.  And you will be able to manage it all right from your smartphone no matter where you are.

It`s time to start the revolution.  Join us!

Aga is a relentless entrepreneur, a passionate foodie and a fitness freak. A business mind behind Niwa, she dreams about building business which can truly make a shift in how we see personal food production, inspire and empower other to grow their own food.

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