Wick, Ebb or Drip? Hydroponic systems types demystified!

As you probably know hydroponics is a method of growing plants using mineral nutrient solutions in water with no soil. Plants can be grown with roots in the mineral nutrient solution only, or in an inert medium such as gravel. The medium that holds the plant and its roots, can be any type of sterile material. These mediums are generally inexpensive and easy to find. Gravel, pebbles, and peat are examples of inexpensive mediums to grow your plants. These materials are usually readily available at local nurseries, and some hardware stores. At Niwa we use rockwool but you can really
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healthy eating

Get your energy levels up with these 7 super foods

These days our lives are hectic, with work and family. It’s hard to eat healthy. It can also be expensive. Quick and easy is the norm. Unfortunately, quick and easy is often unhealthy and leaves you and your family sluggish and out of sorts. What if you could easily add delicious, healthy food to your family’s diet will also provide protection for various diseases. It has been shown that the food we eat can influence your health and have key roles in raising or lowering the risk of disease. There are many low cost foods with healthy medicinal qualities you
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Indoor garden

10 surprising ways plants makes you happier, healthier and smarter!

Many of us have dabbled with gardening in the past, and whether we grow pretty flowering plants, fruits and vegetables, tall trees, or cute bonsais, there’s something we can all agree on – gardening is a hobby. It’s a leisure activity, it’s a way of passing time, it’s a fun way to spend a sunny day with the kids, and some may even argue that it’s a bit trivial…. or is it? Some researchers are claiming that gardening can be much, much more than just a hobby, and that honing those green-finger skills could actually have many benefits – including
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hydroponics future of food

Future of food: Crickets, Hydroponics and more (a video!)

Recently we had been invited to speak at the panel at Expand: a big event organised by Engadget in New York. Topic? The Future of Food! It has been an incredible experience and we wanted to share with you a video from the event. We shared a panel with a company called Exo. Led by Greg Sewitz, Exo is working on protein bars made out of crickets. Its been a great chat about problems faced by our current food system, alternative food sources and the importance of local food production. We had a good laugh too! You can read up on a
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niwa smart hydroponics

Niwa rocking the Pioneers Festival in Vienna

A few weeks ago we had a tremendous pleasure to be chosen from thousands of startups to pitch at the Pioneers Festival in Vienna as a Top 50 startups. First we took part in a mentors day which involved presentations and pitch practice and then attended an investor day where we had an opportunity to pitch to over 300 investors and journalists.  It was an incredible experience and enable us to make critical connections both with investors, potential partners and media. And.. Also, Niwa was featured as one of the most disruptive Ag Tech startups in the world at the
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