Consider yourself part of our team! Lets do it!

I cant’ believe we did this!

smart hydroponic niwa funded with kickstarter




Wow! We did it!

Because of YOU, Niwa will become a reality.

We cannot thank you enough! You are the pioneer which will help bring the innovative solutions to our homes and be a part of the revolution towards hyper -local personal food production. Excited? We are!

Consider yourself part of our team!

Through the next several months we want to hear your feedback, thoughts, comments. Got a great idea? Want to see something specific in Niwa? Let us know!

We are already hard at work to bring Niwa to you as soon as possible and in the near future we will post updates on our progress, prototyping, manufacturing, app development and share ideas about where we want to take it. We want you to be involved from the start to finish with what is happening on our side and be as transparent as possible.

And thank you to our mentors and supporters!

I would also like to take that opportunity and one more time say thank you to our mentors:

Many people have worked around the clock to make Niwa happen. Thank you Cyril Ebersweiler; Benjamin Joffe; Shawn Broderick; Peter Wang; Qiyu Wu; Nick Plante; Katerina Jackson; Claire Braithwaite; Rubén Iglesias; Josán Andrade; Alejandro Gómez; Beatriz Liñán; our families; Jeff and Yvonne; Marianne Jordan; Marcos Hidalgo; Hnos. Mercader; Spencer Austin; Jamie Cheng; James Atkins; Steve Forte; Joe Payton; Pat Larsen, Alan Clayton; Noel Joyce; Rong Rong; Atomman (Li Long); LokaLove; Omkar Golatkar; Dorota Seliga; Marcin Nazaruk, Pawel Nazaruk, Reem, Billy, Dani, Keri, Sophia, Agnes, Lavie Sak, Teh Foundation Community, Alan C. Lloyds all HAX teams; and many others!

We are there for you

Have a question? Know somebody we should talk to? We are just an email away: [email protected] and look forward connecting with you.

One more time we want to say thank you.

Without you realising this endeavour would not be possible. Keep on rocking as you do!

Aga, Javier, Anabel and Tom

Aga is a relentless entrepreneur, a passionate foodie and a fitness freak. A business mind behind Niwa, she dreams about building business which can truly make a shift in how we see personal food production, inspire and empower other to grow their own food.

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