Our first prototype its on its way!

Its done. We have signed a contract with the factory to build our first prototype.

We have come a long way since having our first ever prototype in plea wood.  The initial design went through tonnes of iterations during our journey in Hax. We worked with agricultural experts to work out the size to fit different types of plants,  product designers to make sure that it will nicely fit in most of the living rooms and industrial designers to prepare the product for production.  Javier working on a design for manufacturing with Peter

The most challenging part about the product like that is trying to meet different types of constraints like aesthetics,  shipping requirements, plant sizes etc and arrive at the solution which meets them all in the best possible way. We believe that the current product brings it all together in the most optimal way and we are sure you will totally fell in love with it.

It literally took a village to bring it where it is now and we sure that you will love

 Today we visited them again to see how is it going, inspect the parts and make sure everything is going smoothly. We cant wait to share it with your when its ready.

Here are some pictures from the visit:







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