Hardware boot camp from halfway around the world. Welcome to Hax!

Hello From Shenzhen, China!

It`s been exactly a week since we have arrived in the very industrial and crazy growing city of Shenzhen. And we want to share with you our first impressions and adventures as well as plants for next 111 days towards the Kick-starter campaign.

We have made it!

After a crazy 24h flight we finally arrived in Shenzhen.


We were welcomed by a camera crew from Chinese TV which is doing a documentary on our startup ! Not in the best shape to be filmed though we had lots of fun being followed by camera.

camera crew

Our camera crew.

Next few days were filled with looking for flats, organizing our bank accounts and meeting other teams and learning all there is about lean hardware and all we need to get off the ground!

China really strikes with its differences, especially Shenzhen. The constant traffic, huge language barrier, food and even whether.

It definitely takes a while to adapt to a totally new culture.  But this contrast also makes you feel excited. The frenetic pace of electronic markets, things being shipped and delivered, the madness of factories, food and weather really makes you catch the speed and realize that you are in the right place to make things happen. Welcome to China!

The hardware Revolution Is Here

And we are right in the middle of it. Our office is literally 100 m away from electronic markets.

Shenzhen – a mecca of hardware, electronic components and factories. Place where most of the things are being made. There has never been a better time to build hardware. The revolution of fast and cheap prototyping, of decreasing cultural barriers and opportunity to take advantage of economies of scale are really visible here. Along with 9 other startups from this year Hax batch are here to drive that revolution and do what wasn’t possible a few years ago: bringing a product from a concept to being ready for manufacturing in 111 days.


Bring on 111 Days of Madness.

We have arrived here with just our CAD design files and a working prototype of our electronic board with the aim to get a manufacturable product as soon as possible. Our current design has to be optimized to be factory ready, we have to pick up materials and build our own circuit board.

On the other hand we will be working on branding and marketing and getting ready to launch an awesome Kickstarter campaign in mid-May.

It’ll be a tough journey. There are so many new things to learn and to be done. Building a prototype is one thing; manufacture a beautiful product in an efficient way is a totally different one, but growing a business around it is probably the biggest challenge of all.

Just having an opportunity to do it fills us with all the energy needed to achieve our goal. But being able to share this journey with you guys, other teams, mentors and you all drives us even more!

The journey that used to be lonely is now turning into an incredible experience.


Aga is a relentless entrepreneur, a passionate foodie and a fitness freak. A business mind behind Niwa, she dreams about building business which can truly make a shift in how we see personal food production, inspire and empower other to grow their own food.

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