Last 24h left to snag Niwa!

24 left kickstarter niwa hydroponics


Just a quick message that this is a last chance to get your hands on Niwa, support our project and have a direct input in the creation of this beautiful device. .

After we close the Kickstarter campaign the price will increase to a regular retail price. 

Its has been a ride. One last time I would like to ask you to
1. Back us up here: If you haven’t yet, whether its $5 or a full fledge Niwa – every little bit counts.
2. Help spread the message one last time!

Use this link to share the good news with just 2 clicks! (you can just copy and paste this message: Niwa:The world`s first smart growing system hitting 130k on #kickstarter. Check it out here )

Aga is a relentless entrepreneur, a passionate foodie and a fitness freak. A business mind behind Niwa, she dreams about building business which can truly make a shift in how we see personal food production, inspire and empower other to grow their own food.

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