niwa hydroponics

Increase your crop performance with a smart feedback loop!

  If you’ve ever tried to grow anything, you’ll know that it’s really not that straightforward. I’m notorious for being ‘the serial plant killer’ amongst my friends after been trusted to look after their plants whilst on holiday, and having to repeatedly, upon their return, announce their plant is all well and good….in plant heaven! With my own plants occupying half of plant heaven (R.I.P little ones, I tried), I just couldn’t figure out what I was doing wrong! Your plant died too? You are not alone!   My comfort is knowing that I’m not alone in this; you’d be
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Revealing our new look. Meet niwa

We`ve been hard at work to develop a solution which would make growing your own food fun, easy and interactive and enable you and your family to enjoy the healthiest and freshest food grown right in your city apartment. And we are super excited to share with you the new look, new brand and our first product. Here is our new website which we think you will love. Click HERE to check our new site!   Let`s share the love of home grown food.  
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Our first prototype its on its way!

Its done. We have signed a contract with the factory to build our first prototype. We have come a long way since having our first ever prototype in plea wood.  The initial design went through tonnes of iterations during our journey in Hax. We worked with agricultural experts to work out the size to fit different types of plants,  product designers to make sure that it will nicely fit in most of the living rooms and industrial designers to prepare the product for production.   The most challenging part about the product like that is trying to meet different types
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